What We Do

We are people passionate about art and preservation. We follow trends in the reuse and refurbishment of everyday waste, because it is fun to make old things new. We reach out to some of the community’s most creative people – our K-12 educators- with colorful, creative resources that can enhance learning in their classrooms.  

Each day we receive calls and emails from downsizing homemakers and caregivers; retiring teachers; relocating offices. New faces and regulars, community leaders and domestic engineers, pack rats and minimalists, stop by to give, browse, play, and chat. All items and personalities arrive with a unique story, a saving grace.

As the leaves of a tree change through the seasons, sprouting and falling, so does one person or group’s new or gently used donation someday become another person’s time-filler, talent or beloved memory.

​If you have one thing or ten you’d be happy to see go; if you have one person or ten deserving of a special gift, we invite you to come climb The Sharing Tree.

What We Provide

~An affordable, locally-owned arts-and-crafts store
~A wide variety of workshops for art enthusiasts
~Preschool literacy and art make-and-takes
​~A book nook for all ages and interests

​~An art gallery showcasing local artists’ reuse projects